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5 signs that point to economic gloom in Singapore

Singapore is in bad times. You know that and can feel it. However some people choose to ignore the truth and assume everything is hunky dory. Its not. While we may not be headin..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on 28 May 2016 13:50:45

Cert IV Training and Assessment in Education just completed Cert IV

This past week we just trained our students in the CERT IV TAE. These students were initially interested in the ACTA advanced certificate in training and assess..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on 14 May 2016 13:56:03

OPSOC AWSHPP SOC Manhole Confined Space PWICSO

In the past OPSOC was the course to attend if you wanted to work in Jurong Island or Bukom. 

SOCOP Safety Orientation Courses Oil Petrochemical MOM+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on

Version 5 ACTA Advanced Certificate

ACTA Version 5

Seems like every other time you complete a certificate there is an improvement or advancement. Are your current qualifications recog..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on

What and why Cert IV TAE instead of ACTA

What is the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment ACTA? Who needs Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment ACTA? Where do we do +Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on


Not sure where to do your NEBOSH Certificate Training? Are you in Singapore and want to find good Training providers to do NEBOSH Certificate Training+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on

Typical Singapore Legislations in Safety

Singapore Safety or Singapore Workplace Safety Health WSH Legislations

The following are a list of Singapore Safety (WSH) legislat..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on

Singapore Stiffer Penalties by MOM for Safety lapses

SINGAPORE - The Straits Times singapore reported that The Manpower Ministry (MOM) on Thursday announced stiffer penalties. The stiffier penalties are for companies found lacking..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on

Exxon, Total, Chevron In Talks With Pemex On Gulf Prospects

Exxon, Total, Chevron are in talks with Mexicos Pemex on Gulf prospects

Mexicos Petroleos is struggling and seeking partners to develop the deepwater crude oi in th..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on 21 May 2016 10:23:15

Shell Exxon Nigeria

In Nigeria the Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil Corp are currently the oil majors that are most exposed to violence. Violence occuring in Niger River delta is affecting the Roy..+Read more

Posted by Raj Singh on

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Singapore CPD Continual Professional Development

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ONE Motoring

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Apply Workplace Safety Health in Process Plants AWSHPP

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PWCSO PWICSO Perform Work in Confined Space Operations SOC Manhole

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Petronas Health Safety Environment Careers

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Petronas Safety Culture

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Decision Making in Safety

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