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NEBOSH is a unique accreditation body. Currently it has more than 100 Accredited Training NEBOSH Training providers around the world. While NEBOSH (National Examination Board Occup..+Read more

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Simply Safety Revisits Malaysia

Simply Safety is back in Malaysia to conduct more training for the Malaysian NEBOSH candidates. Surely people reading this blog will see how we have overcome some obstacles to reac..+Read more

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Simply Safety Continues Rapid International Expansion

With our new Business Development and Investors Simply Safety is successfully launching in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar) and into the Middle East M..+Read more

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The Benefits Of NEBOSH Certification

Even the average workplace will be riddled with various dangers and hazards, all of which have the potential to cause injuries or even death. Despite employers having the responsib..+Read more

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Simply Safety Next Up United Arab Emirates

We will be visiting UAE in the coming months to visit our clients and attend some of the conferences.
Simply Safety invites all potential candidates and business partners to..+Read more

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NEBOSH Vs Independent Training

At all times, it is the task of the employer to ensure the overall safety of their employees. This includes ensuring overall safety of the workplace as well as providing the necess..+Read more

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What Is Safety?

What is Safety? During the NEBOSH or even any other examinations this is a common question- What is Safety? Define Safety? Explain Safety?

S..+Read more

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Safety Singapore

What does Singapore hope to achieve with its safety campaigns from Ministry of Manpower or Workplace Safety Health Council? Safety campaigns in Singapore like the National Workplac..+Read more

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Increased Patrols In Texas

In the effort to sanction and minimize the number of drunk drivers in the state of Texas, the local Department of Public Safety has ordered the increase of patrols throughout the a..+Read more

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