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Train-Truck Accident Leading To The Revision Of Safety Procedures

Safety precautions and regulations are bound to change as equipment are upgraded and discrepancies are found along the duration of the service of the said regulations. The Transpor..+Read more

Posted by on 08 October 2014 17:01:49

OSHA Cites 10 Violations After The Death Of A Supervisor

On a usual working day, a 48 year old supervisor was carrying out maintenance on an elevator cylinder in a tank chamber when the outer metal door came down. The door laid on his ch..+Read more

Posted by on 07 October 2014 17:01:18

Investigation To Occur Following Two Window Washers Stranded On The Job

art of the major responsibility of the company is to ensure that its employees are safe at all times when on the job. When the job of an employee involves working in heights, this ..+Read more

Posted by on 06 October 2014 17:00:50

A Friendly Event Gone Wrong

Work does not necessarily mean being always confined in the four corners of an office or within the hazards of the field, sometimes it also involves friendly events. In 2007, the A..+Read more

Posted by on 03 October 2014 17:00:18

Workplace Hazard Study: Exposure To Metals And Flame Retardants

The growing dependency on technology and its rapid evolution has resulted it to become one of the leading wastes of society. Thankfully, electronics are highly recyclable, from its..+Read more

Posted by on 02 October 2014 16:56:52

Recent Study Shows A Decrease In Injuries For Nurses

Nurses provide medical attention and care for the ill in order to protect them but this comes at a price. A lot of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses suffer workplace ..+Read more

Posted by on 01 October 2014 16:56:12

Minor Damages Leads To Huge Fines

A lot of companies take for granted the safety of its employees which directly leads to workplace accidents. A company found not in compliance with standard safety regulations will..+Read more

Posted by on 09 October 2014 16:45:43

Two Deaths From A Mining Incident

Underground mine sites that extract coal are one of the most dangerous mining operations. Coal is a material that easily ignites and conducts heat while being fragile in its natura..+Read more

Posted by on 10 October 2014 16:45:18

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Closer To Recovery

This United States facility particularly concentrates on the disposal of transuranic radioactive waste. Due to the nature of the materials they dispose and their operations as well..+Read more

Posted by on 13 October 2014 16:44:50

Haverhill Chemicals Involved In Fatality

Certain steps are being undertaken when handling hazardous chemicals. This is to ensure that there will be no unforeseen accidents that could lead to fatalities and casualties. The..+Read more

Posted by on 14 October 2014 16:44:21